The Issue

41% of the households in Leon County earn less than necessary to cover the basic costs of living.

  • A single adult in Leon County must earn $20,700/year to cover the basic costs of living – housing, food, transportation, health care.
  • For a family of two adults, one infant and a preschooler, the basic cost of living jumps to $52,250/year.

41% of our neighbors – even those working full time, or working multiple jobs – don’t earn enough to cover their basic needs.

Download a fact sheet (pdf) about the gap between income and cost of living in Leon County.

Data courtesy United Way 2017 Florida ALICE Report.

Contrary to stereotypes suggesting poverty only exists in inner cities, the ALICE data show that families are struggling in rural, urban, and suburban areas.
ALICE is an acronym for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.

The ALICE Report examines households with income that are above the Federal Poverty Level but below the basic cost of living. These households representing individuals and families working, but unable to afford the basic necessities of housing, food, child care, health care, and transportation.

ALICE represents people who get up every day and go to work like the rest of us, but who aren’t sure how they will make ends meet. ALICE is living paycheck-to-paycheck, unable to set aside savings for an emergency and forced to make short-term choices that can result in long-term consequences.

When ALICE suffers, we all suffer and our local economies suffer. If ALICE can’t afford the basics, that household cannot help to stimulate the economy with purchasing power. If ALICE falls into poverty, that puts a greater strain on local services. If ALICE cannot save for the future, we will all bear the cost.

Learn more about ALICE.

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