Home Buyer Readiness

Learn what you need to know to protect your largest investment.  Your new home.

Graceful Solutions offers a comprehensive course for home buyers that prepares your expectations and finances to assist you in keeping your home for life.

FDIC Money Smart Program is utilized to create positive banking relationships for homeowners.  This program has a long-standing track record of success with homeowners as it offers life long tools for financial management that can be easily used.




The Home Ownership Reality Game™ is an interactive board game designed to generate discusion and provide insight to new or prospective homebuyers about the reality of owning a home.


The goal of the game is to help first time home buyers understand the issues they will face as a new home buyer with a focus on budgeting.  The game builds problem-solving skills based around home issues and ultimately assists in giving the “know-how” to enable homeowners to keep their homes.

What Are People Saying About the Home Ownership Reality Game™?

Here is what some participants had to say about their Home Ownership Reality Game™ experience:

“After today I am thinking to myself: OK, you want to own a home? This is what it takes, what it requires. Are you ready for this?”
“I’m going to go home and do some re-evaluating . . . what is my next step? There are some things I did yesterday that I’m not going to do tomorrow.”
“When we began this game I said ‘I’m going to hire the plumber, hire the electrician. I’m not going to do it.’ Now I’m thinking maybe I’ll buy the home repair book, because $10 versus $100… maybe I will get on the ladder and do it myself.”
“When I go home today I’m going to find out where certain things are in my house. There are certain things I want to know.”

How do we work with you?

Graceful Solutions offers workshops for 3 months occurring twice a month for 3-hour sessions.  During these workshops, potential and new homeowners can receive the tools they need from the FDIC Money Smart Program and also the Homeowner Reality Game and learn from a Certified HUD Counselor.