Our Work


  • FSU Urban & Regional Planning South City/Orange Ave. Development

    Graceful Solution’s President chaired the Tallahassee/Leon County Affordable Housing Workgroup. Composed of a cross-section  of public  agencies, regional non-profits, and county residents, this is the first effort to understand and develop solutions to the area’s affordable housing shortage.

  • We’re working with Florida State University’s Department of Urban and Regional Planning on a South City Master Plan.
  • Graceful Solutions provides technical assistance and consulting to neighborhood groups, non-profits, and governmental agencies.


Neighborhood revitalization can start on a single block

Graceful Solutions is partners with the Frenchtown and Bond neighborhoods on a pilot project we call Block by Block. Each neighborhood has targeted a specific block for special attention.

Learn More About Block by Block

  • Graceful Solutions builds new energy-efficient, affordable homes using design standards that will allow the homeowners to stay in their home safely and comfortably as they age. We’re working with the Florida Community Loan fund to begin construction on a new home every sixty days.
  • Newly acquired home on Call Street to be renovated.

    We’re pioneering the use of fiberglass skinned structural insulated panels, a new building product and construction technique that reduces construction time and cost, while delivering energy efficiency and lower environmental impact. We are working to establish a new SIP Construction Training Program to develop a local workforce that is well-trained in these advanced building techniques.

  • Graceful Solutions continually acquiring and rehabilitating existing homes in the Tallahassee area. We’re currently renovating or preparing to renovate two homes and preparing to construct at least 12 new homes in the next year.


Graceful Solutions brings new funding options to the community that provide permanent, stable housing affordability.

  • The Frenchtown/South Side Pre-Development Fund provides crucial first money to acquire homes for rehabilitation or start new construction. This revolving fund is paid back when the home is sold. Learn more
  • We’re working with area credit unions to create a lease/purchase program  – targeting potential buyers who can qualify for a lease, but not a mortgage. Credit counseling and financial support would transition the buyer from leasing the home to buying it within two to three years.
  • Graceful Solutions provides needed expertise in administering Community Land Trusts.  A land trust provides perpetual affordability of housing. The trustee – a local nonprofit – owns and develops the land and sells the homeowner a 99 year leasehold in the property.  Since the land cost is not part of the sale, the property is more affordable.