Our Organization


Aging in place is the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level.

Universal design  creates buildings, products, and environments accessible to older people and those with disabilities.

Graceful Solutions, Inc. was established as Graceful Solutions for Aging in 2012. The organization created and administered programs promoting aging-in-place and universal design in Leon County.

In 2015, the organization’s focus shifted to affordable housing but staying true to the principals of universal design and aging in place.  Since then, Graceful Solutions has worked primarily in the South City area of Tallahassee. Now our reach is expanding to all of Leon and Wakulla County.


Bill Wilson is the president of Graceful Solutions, Inc., and Graceful Solutions Community Development LLC. (SGCD). SGCD is the construction arm of Graceful Solution. Bill has worked supporting affordable housing development as a consultant to a number of housing organizations across the country including member organizations of NeighborWorks America and Enterprise Community Partners. He has also managed a number of rehab and new construction projects. Bill’s work in the corporate arena is in the area of performance improvement.

Bill is a published author, master facilitator and trainer and works with companies and non-profits of various sizes. He uses his performance improvement model to facilitate their team’s efforts to find solutions to business challenges that provide measurable business outcomes.



Oral Payne, Director of Single Family Housing at Graceful Solutions. Oral has over 25 years of working with families who want to purchase an affordable home.  His first job in the field was as a housing counselor.  He also worked as a mortgage broker.   Oral served as a consultant to the federal agency to review mortgage files of banks to ensure that the homeowners loans we being handled properly.  Recently Oral has worked as a Realtor and with Graceful Solutions to acquire and sell single family homes.

Oral recently completed the process of becoming a HUD Certified Housing Counselor so he is focused on working with clients to get them ready to buy a home and finding the right home for them.



Board of Directors

Rex Ware – Chair
Leslie Warren – Vice Chair
Rob Ippolito – Treasurer
Rhett Boudreaux
Stephen Downey
Lauri Hunter
Eric Johnson