Covid-19 Assistance


We have funding through the City of Tallahassee of Tallahassee CARES Act to provide financial counseling and training for income-eligible families.

If you are behind in your rent or mortgage payments you would talk to our HUD Certified Housing Counselor.  The eviction and foreclosure moratorium will end December 31sr and all back rent and mortgage payments will be due.  You need to act now to work out a plan with your landlord or mortgage company.  We can help.


We can also provide you with your own Crisis Planner Home System.  This valuable kit is complimentary when you complete the application process and participate in an orientation program on how to use the kit.

The Crisis Planner Home System will guide you through preparing for a disaster.  With hurricanes, floods, and the virus, we don’t know what disaster is next.  We all need to be prepared

To apply, just call 850.216.1011 to apply for one or both of these opportunities that are both FREE to you!