Forever Home ™  Designed for life long living, build to last.

Choose from floor plans designed for life long living and built to last.  Can’t find one that is perfect for you? Let us custom design your home.


Built using universal design standards that support life-long living with features that include:

    • Accessible bathroom
    • Level entryways (no steps) 
    • Wide halls and doors
    • Lever door handles (no turn knobs)
    • Thoughtful placement of light switches/plugs

    Built to Last

    The homes are built to last and are heavily insulated above local building codes, includes all LED lighting and energy-efficient fixtures, as well as Energy Star appliances. Constructed with materials that make the home hurricane, water, mold, mildew, and insect resistant. 

    Forever Homes are constructed using MGO (Magnesium Oxide) SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels). The Panels have a sheet of MGO on both sides of a sheet of insulating foam. When laminated into a panel this provides for the structural strength of the building as well as insulating qualities that are well above local building codes. Energy use in a Forever Home will be 40 to 60% less than in a traditionally built house.   

    In addition to the energy efficiency, the construction technique provides a structure that is hurricane rated and resistant to many of the factors that negatively impact homes in this area such as mold, mildew and termites. The structure is also more resistant to water than a typical house. Forever Homes are built to Florida Green Building Coalition standards and include Energy Star appliances and LED lighting. The landscaping will be drought tolerant in keeping with the Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program.

Explore our Forever Home ™  Designed for life long living, build to last.

Below are several of our floor plans.  We offer custom home design to ensure you are able to live life with a home that suits your needs best.  Please reach out to us to explore a full list of our floor plans or explore what a custom home would look like for you.