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And Now What?  Life Planner and Survivors Checklist What to do Before, Upon and after the death of a parent, spouse, or loved one.

Our journey through life is varied and unpredictable

Our life experiences are unique to each of us, yet we each face many of the same challenges and we all share the same end. We do not choose the how, where, or when of our final curtain call.

Young or old, healthy or ill, accident or natural causes, when it is our time it is our time.




Family Legacy

As someone who experienced the loss of her 90-year-old father in 2012, Linda personally knows that this chaos can add to profound and overwhelming emotions. She understands that grief can lead to poor decision making, total collapse and depression. With the help of her father’s effective planning, she helps others minimize the impact of loss during personal and natural disasters.   She wrote the “And Now What?” book as a planning guide and survivor’s checklist providing answers about what to do before, upon and after the death of a parent of a spouse.

Linda continues her good work in crisis planning with many resources and products to prepare individuals and businesses for all of the chaos life offers.